WEBSITE: www.texas-step.org

CONTACT PERSON: H.M. Hancock, Director
OFFICE HOURS: Monday - Friday , 8 AM– 5 PM
PROGRAM OFFERED: The purpose of Texas STEP – Tobacco Enforcement (Statewide Tobacco Education and Prevention) is to reduce the illegal sale of tobacco to children and reduce children’s access to tobacco. This is achieved by: (1) Training school-based law enforcement officers and educators to educate children on the dangers of tobacco and nicotine addiction. (2) Training law enforcement officers to educate members of local community coalitions, including retail tobacco merchants, on the importance of reducing the illegal sales of tobacco to children. (3) Training law enforcement officers to be active participants in local community efforts to reduce children’s access to tobacco.

DRUG PROBLEMS ADDRESSED: Tobacco and nicotine.
POPULATIONS SERVED: Adolescents, tobacco retailers, law enforcement.
SERVICES PROVIDED: Awareness, outreach, prevention and education.
ining for law enforcement.
STAFF COMPOSITION: Program director and technical assistance staff on site.
FORMS OF PAYMENT ACCEPTED: Certified funds, Government Purchase Order, State-funded.