248 Post Avenue
San Antonio, Tx 78215
PHONE: 223-4004
FAX: 223-2146

CONTACT PERSON: Hope Smith, Clinical Director
OFFICE HOURS: Call for appointment
BUS SERVICE: #9 Broadway [Stop ID: 35646]
ELIGIBILITY/FEES: This program targets adolescent females who are at risk for gang involvement, drug use, and potential school dropout and provides residential treatment for ages 13-17.

Other Services Location:
1410 Guadalupe Street, Suite 102
San Antonio, TX 78207
Phone: 270-8575
Contact: Ana Salinas

Outpatient services are available to mail and female adolescents who are at risk for gang involvement, drug use, and potential school dropout.

PHILOSOPHY: 12-step, behavioral, and cognitive.
DRUG PROBLEMS ADDRESSED: Alcohol, amphetamines, barbiturates, cannabis, cocaine/crack, heroin/opioids, nicotine, and poly-drug.
POPULATIONS SERVED: Adolescents, co-dependent, and pregnant women.
SERVICES PROVIDED: Day/evening treatment, drug-free program, prevention/education, problem assistance, referral & follow-up, screening/assessment, standard outpatient, and support groups.
TREATMENT STRATEGIES: Continuing after care, family intervention, family sessions, group counseling, individual sessions, relapse prevention, and self-help groups.
STAFF COMPOSITION: Clinical director on site. Certified addictions counselors.
CONSULTANTS EMPLOYED ON A REGULAR BASIS: Licensed chemical dependency counselor, licensed clinical, nutritionist, psychologist, psychiatrist, and social worker.
PROGRAM COMPONENTS: Standardized assessment procedure.