1324 S. Flores
San Antonio, TX 78204
PHONE: 223-6877
FAX: 223-4448

CONTACT PERSON : Intake Coordinator
OFFICE HOURS: Monday - Friday, 8:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M
BUS SERVICE: #44 South Flores [Stop ID: 27726]
ELIGIBILITY/FEES: Adult males 21-64 years of age, State Issued ID/Driver’s License, Social Security Card. Fully able to perform work therapy assignments. Drug and Alcohol Free.
PROGRAM OFFERED: The center provides a 6 month spiritual regeneration and residential rehabilitation program for those handicapped by life changing situations. They may be handicapped spiritual, morally, physically and socially. They may be seeking help with alcohol, drug abuse, anti-social problems. Treatment consists of counseling services and a work therapy structured program.

PHILOSOPHY: 12-step Christ Centered Program – The motivation of the organization is the love of God and the practical concern for the needs of humanity.
DRUG PROBLEMS ADDRESSED: Alcohol, amphetamines, barbiturates, cannabis, cocaine/crack, hallucinogens, heroin/opioids, inhalants. Not a medically staffed facility.
POPULATIONS SERVED: Adult males 21-64 years old.
TREATMENT STRATEGIES: Spiritual-based counseling, group and individual sessions, relapse prevention, attend AA, NA, CA classes and a structured work therapy program.