4415 W Piedras, Suite 208
San Antonio, TX 78228
PHONE: 283-5183
FAX: 233-5840

CONTACT PERSON: Jackie Davies, Intake Coordinator
OFFICE HOURS: Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM; 24/7 Crisis Line – 283-5183
ELIGIBILITY/FEES: Families with a child age 0 – 17, who are experiencing family conflict, who have run away, who have been truant, or who have committed a misdemeanor offense and are un-adjudicated. No fees are charged for the STAR Program.
PROGRAM OFFERED: STAR – Free short-term counseling offered in office settings, with five locations in several areas of San Antonio; Limited in-home services may be available. Crisis intervention and follow up services. Other Counseling and Psychological services are also offered through BCFS for those who may not be eligible for STAR. Medicaid, some Insurance, and cash are accepted.

PHILOSOPHY: Behavioral, cognitive, brief solution-focused, strength-based approach
POPULATIONS SERVED: Adolescents, children, and families.
SERVICES PROVIDED: Crisis intervention, emergency residential placement, follow-up.
TREATMENT STRATEGIES: Individual, family, and group; assessment; consultation.